Bonanza Campaign Price List for Streamyx and UniFi Appears Online: 30Mbps at RM 139 and More

A set of brochures that depict promotional pricing for Streamyx and UniFi has appeared on Lowyat.NET Forums . While it is indeed common to see promo pricing for both services from time to time which depends on the ingenuity of respective TM authorized resellers, these price list were apparently obtained from TMpoint in Kemaman, Terengganu.

With the exception of UniFi Lite 10Mbps which still costs RM 129 per month, the rest of the packages receive noticeable price cut as listed below:

UniFi Advance 30Mbps: RM 139/month (original price: RM 199)

UniFi Pro 100Mbps: RM 239/month (original price: RM 329)

BB 1Mbps: RM 68/month (original price: RM 110)

BB 2Mbps: RM 83/month (original price: RM 130)

BB 4Mbps: RM 88/month (original price: RM 140)

BB 8Mbps: RM 89/month (original price: RM 160)

In another post, the UniFi Advance Plus 50Mbps was also listed at RM 189 per month instead of its standard monthly fee of RM 249.

The same post also revealed that these pricing were apparently part of a new promotion called “Bonanza Campaign” . They apparently already being listed on what we assume as the backend system that authorized resellers use to register their customers despite the fact that the promotion has not yet been announced by TM itself.

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As interesting as the pricing might be, there is one huge catch though: these pricing are only valid for 24 months. Once that period is over, they will be reverted to their original pricing. Meanwhile, TM’s customer service has generally verified the existence of the new promo according to a screenshot shared by another forumer.

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The new Bonanza Campaign promotion will apparently last until 31 December 2017. We are now reaching out to TM to obtain official information regarding this new promotion. So, stay tuned.

(Source: Lowyat.NET Forums –1, 2 ,3. Thanks to Alpina , Xeron , and tzh2001 for sharing the details!)







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