Google Glass gets first update in nearly three years

Google Glass has received an update to version XE23. No, this is not an old headline from a few years ago. Google continues to sporadically support its wearable spectacles. The new update allows a Glass user to use Bluetooth to pair an input device like a QWERTY keyboard to Google Glass. After the update, Glass wearers with the right accessory will be able to type in commands instead of using their voice and other controls.

To make it as clear as can be, let’s look at the changelist for the update. It reads simply, “Glass can now be paired with Bluetooth input devices, including keyboards.” With a QWERTY keyboard, Glass wearers just might find themselves improving their productivity while using the device. By the way, this is the first update to Google Glass since September 2014.

The day that Google Glass was introduced to the world
, the future looked bright for the product. But as time went on, the price of $1,500 proved to be much too high. In addition, buyers had a whole convoluted process to sit through when it came to picking out the look of the wearable and actually having it fitted. And those who did buy a pair were accused of taking photos and spying on people at restaurants and bars
. Even worse, they were banned from several theaters that thought Glass wearers might record first run films from their theater seats. Overall, Google Glass wearers were labeled as douches and that stigma outweighed the features offered by the product.

Someday, Google might try again in making Google Glass a consumer product, but for now it remains a tool for the enterprise.

source: Glass
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