Delta’s App Just Got a New Feature That Travelers Will Love

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Checking in for a Delta
flight just became a lot easier.

Delta now automatically sends boarding passes to passengers 24 hours before a flight if they’re using Delta’s mobile app. Flyers just have to open the Fly Delta
app to trigger the check-in.

The change has only rolled out to iOS users at this time, but an Android update is likely to follow.

Looks like @Delta
just killed the check-in process in its latest iOS app update.

Boarding passes auto-generated now. #PaxEx

– Jason Rabinowitz (@AirlineFlyer) October 12, 2017

Delta is the first U.S. airline to offer such a service. The move could spur other airlines to adopt a similar feature for their apps.

It’s not yet clear how customers can check bags and request seat changes, as is sometimes done during the check-in process. TIME has reached out to Delta to clarify if and how this can be done through its app and will update once the airline responds.


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