Lyft adds in-app navigation for drivers via Google Maps

A little while ago Uber announced new in-app navigation as a convenience feature for drivers, and now Lyft is also integrating turn-by-turn navigations right into its Driver app . Lyft is tapping Google Maps for its in-app directions, however, which means drivers should get the same experience and quality of directions as they would from Google’s own maps application.

Lyft Navigation means no more round-tripping between apps after accepting rides, which is good news for minimizing distraction and for making life generally easier for driers on the platform. Lyft says that it introduced the feature based on feedback received from drivers actually using their service, since it was inconvenient to have to manage both outside apps. Now, they’ll get immediately put into the Google Maps view without having to exit out once they start their trip.

This will include access to the features that make Google Maps one of the most preferred options for navigation, including its night mode, route previews, heads up on upcoming terms and traffic information.

The feature is rolling out in Lyft’s Driver app for Android now, and will be “coming soon” to iOS, per the company.

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