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I like to get things done. Who doesn't. Often to get things done you need to break the problem you're solving into many smaller subproblems, then use many tiny helper programs to solve these subproblems, and then merge results back to solve the original problem. These tiny helper programs often just do one tiny task such as extract, convert, format, and filter data. Usually they areone-liners but often you'd just google for a tool that does what you need. I used to google for tools like "url encode" and "convert json to text" all the time and I would end up on garbage websites filled with ads, popups, blinking download buttons or tools that don't work. I hated this so much that over the last two years I built Browserling's programmer tools . It's a collection of useful tools for developers. I added300+ tools in this collection. Each tool in the collection does one thing and one thing only and all tools work the same way. You enter input, press button, and get result. There are no ads, useless configuration options or other garbage. Just tools for getting tiny tasks done. These tools are now used by hundreds of thousands of users monthly.

Hundreds of thousands of people is great but I want millions of people using my tools, so my team and I at Browserling are launching a network of tools websites. Each website covers one set of tools. The first site in the network is Online CSV Tools . It's all about CSV tools. Just like Browserling's tools, online tools are also simple, free and easy to use.

The next few sites are Online JSON Tools, Online XML Tools, Online YAML Tools, Online TSV Tools, Online Image Tools, Online Browser Tools, and many more.

Here's a list of all CSV tools in this website:

Here are upcoming tools that we'll be adding to this site:

  • Preview CSV
  • Convert CSV to HTML
  • Convert CSV to Base64
  • Convert CSV to Image
  • Convert CSV to PNG
  • Convert CSV to GIF
  • Convert CSV to JPG
  • Convert CSV to XLS
  • Convert CSV to XLSX
  • Convert CSV to PDF
  • Convert CSV to a Latex Table
  • Merge CSVs

Here's a screenshot of the website:

And the CSV to JSON tool in action:

From technical perspective we built this project using just javascript, html and css. We started with an empty text file and finished with a working project. All tools run inside the browser and there is no server-side component at all. All tools will work for as long as browsers can run javascript. There are no frameworks, no unnecessary dependencies, no package managers, no bundlers, no unpublishable modules, and no other stupid modern web crap. Just simple code that works.

We'll be launching new sites every month and I'll announce them here. It will be a huge network of sites. The next site is If you like what I'm doing you cansubscribe to my blog and/or follow me on twitter and/or follow browserling on twitter and/or do nothing.

Until next time!

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