Cloud Living’s Weekly Digest 11

营销策划 2017-04-07


From an update on Tung's $10K challenge to an action packed affiliate SEO case study - this Weekly Digest has a little bit of everything.

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Let's get straight to the good stuff.


$10K Challenge Update #9

First things first, Tung released his latest $10K Challenge update. And it's awesome.

If you're wondering what impact Amazon's change in commission rates had on Tung (and whether or not building an Amazon affiliate website is still a smart idea), you're going to want to check out this post.

It's a real eye-opener—not only in terms of results, but also in illustrating the power of adaptation (something you'll have to do if you want to win the game of online business).

How to Create Industry Specific Content Without Subject Matter Experience

Have you ever had to write about a topic you didn't know much about?

I'm sure you have.

So how did you approach the task?

Well if you're like most, you probably spent a few hours Googling, combining your research, and then you went ahead and pumped out a post - right?

If so, this is one of the surest ways to create mirage content. And it's not a smart strategy.

Nothing smart, original or valuable about it.

This begs the question...

Is there another option?

Well, yes there is. And it's a great and very powerful option (you can use it to generate more leads and build your audience much faster).

Ready to discover this new option?

Give this post a read.

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017 - Takeaways and Action Steps to Apply to Your Own Business

Running out of marketing strategies and tactics?

Maybe you read all the books, consumed all the podcasts, and devoured pretty much every blog post out there - now what are you to do?

Well you can either keep your nose to the grindstone and continue working away using your current marketing knowledge or you can step your game up by diving into the most recent takeaways and action steps collected from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017.

There's a bunch of practical, insightful and useful gems of wisdom in this post. You don't want to miss this one, my friend. ​

(Affiliate SEO Case Study) How to Break into the Top 3 and Quadruple Traffic in 2 Months

Blog posts are good. But case studies are better. Much better.

They're more practical, valuable and flat out eye-opening.

This one is no exception. It delivers on every front.

So if you're even remotely interested in affiliate SEO, you're going to want to consume this case study ASAP.

11 Ways You Can Wield the Power of Web Push Notifications

Have you been coming across more and more web push notifications?

There's a very good reason why. ​

And if you want to be in the know, give this article a read. Then you need to flip the script. And be the one using web push notifications.

Here's why.

  • They can be used in a variety of different ways
  • Very effective for driving repeat traffic and ​repeat real time engagement
  • Very high click rates (often as high as 33%)

So go check out this article by Digital Marketer and dive into the 11 usages of web push notifications.

The Power of a Private Facebook Group to Build Your Network

Private Facebook groups are very, very powerful (if used right).

You can reap a lot of benefits from creating one, or even joining one.

Give this article a read (and watch the video) to discover how you can use the power of private Facebook groups to build yourself an enormous network of inspiring individuals. ​


There you have it!

Another Weekly Digest over and done with.

Spend some time exploring the resources above and make sure to leave a comment below with your biggest takeaways.

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