What happens when you have a brilliant product and market it badly…

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Everyone who works in marketing has had the conversation before with friends from outside the industry.

“Marketing doesn’t work on me.”

“Surely marketing is just a waste of money.”

“I’ve never bought something just because I’ve seen an ad”

It’s tough to argue with. Most of marketing and branding’s benefit is intangible, unconscious and difficult to describe and perceive.

So here are two good videos to show your friends the next time this discussion comes up.

Here’s two examples of what happens when you have a brilliant product, but your branding and marketing is a bit shit.

This is a great lesson for startups and smaller companies that tend to see marketing and branding as a cost or an afterthought.

You can have a fantastic product. But unless you communicate that effectively with people, and signal that your brand is worth investing hard earned cash in, then most potential customers will take the shortcut to presuming they shouldn’t take you seriously.

The overlap of a desired product and brilliant marketing is the sweet spot for creating a great company.

Marketing at its core is about intangible value creation. And even if we don’t think it has an effect on us, it’s very likely that it does.

(First example stolen from Rory Sutherland’s excellent AdWeek talk


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