FreeBSD 10.4 正式发布,全面支持 eMMC 标准

FreeBSD 10.4 已正式发布,FreeBSD 10.4 是首个完全支持 eMMC 存储标准的版本,包括 eMMC 分区, TRIM 和高达 HS400 的总线速度模式 (bus speed modes)。此外,还包括许多升级和改进,详细如下:

  • 10.4-RELEASE is the first FreeBSD release to feature full support for eMMC storage, including eMMC partitions, TRIM and bus speed modes up to HS400. Please note, though, that availability of especially the DDR52, HS200 and HS400 modes requires support in the actual sdhci(4) front-end as well as by the hardware used. Also note, that the SDHCI controller part of Intel® Apollo Lake chipsets is affected by several severe silicon bugs. Apparently, it depends on the particular Apollo Lake platform whether the workarounds in place so far are sufficient to avoid timeouts on attaching sdhci(4) there.
  • Also in case a GPT disk label is used, the fsck_ffs(8) utility now is able to find alternate superblocks.
  • The aesni(4) driver now no longer shares a single FPU context across multiple sessions in multiple threads, addressing problems seen when employing aesni(4) for accelerating ipsec(4).
  • Support for the Kaby Lake generation of Intel® i219(4)/ i219(5) devices has been added to the em(4) driver.
  • The em(4) driver is now capable of enabling Wake On LAN (WOL) also for Intel® i217, i218 and i219 chips. Note that stale interface configurations from previous unsuccessful attempts to enable WOL for these devices now will actually take effect. For example, an `ifconfig em0 wol` activates all WOL variants including wol_mcast, which might be undesirable.
  • Support for WOL has been added to the igb(4) driver, which was not able to activate this feature on any device before. The same remark regarding stale WOL configurations as for the em(4) driver applies.
  • Userland coredumps can now trigger events such as generating a human readable crash report via devd(8). This feature is off by default.
  • The firmware shipping with the qlxgbe(4) driver has been updated to version 5.4.66. Additionally, this driver has received some TSO and locking fixes, performance optimizations as well as SYSCTLs providing MAC, RX and TX statistics.
  • Mellanox® ConnectX-4 series adapters are now supported by the newly added mlx5ib(4) driver.
  • OpenSSH received an update to version 7.3p1.
  • GNOME has been updated to version 3.18.
  • Xorg-Server has been updated to version 1.18.4.


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