Printful Makes Warehousing and Fulfillment Available to All Ecommerce Sellers

营销策划 2017-10-06

US on-demand printing company Printful has launched a new Warehousing and Fulfillment
service, to allow businesses to have a third party handle their inventory.

Businesses can store all their products with Printful, which will ship them to their customers, thereby helping small businesses overcome storage and shipping challenges. Printful’s new Warehousing and Fulfillment service
is one option for small businesses with an expanding product line
but no means or capacity to handle fulfillment.

Small businesses, particularly online ecommerce companies, often don’t have the space to store goods — often lacking a warehouse and sometimes even a formal office. This lack of storage space can hamper business growth. On top of storage issues, packing and shipping products is time-consuming, demanding precious time, which could be better spent on other tasks, such as making new products or on marketing efforts.

This is where Printful’s new Warehouse and Fulfillment service could be an opportunity to small businesses, enabling them to free up space and hand over the hassle of packing and shipping products.

The Benefits of Printful Warehousing and Fulfillment

In a release announcing the new service, Maia Benson, Global Head of Shipping and Fulfillment at Shopify, whose eCommerce community uses Printful’s services, spoke
of the benefits delegating inventory tasks brings to small business owners.

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses win when warehousing businesses are built for them and their unique needs — simple on-boarding, simple and predictable pricing, guaranteed service levels and always-on customer service,” Benson explained.

Printful was founded in 2013 and now has more than 300,000 registered users, the company says. Printful’s Warehouse and Fulfilment service was launched in beta in May 2017 and has since been made available to all users. Businesses storing products with Printful can put items in two warehouses, one in the U.S. in Charlotte, North Carolina and the other in Europe in Riga, Latvia.

Businesses simply need to send Printful their products, which, once approved, are stocked in their warehouse, and when a customer orders the products, Printful will ship them out, quickly and efficiently, leaving ecommerce businesses to concentrate on growing their brand.

Image: Printful


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