Surprise! Microsoft Edge is coming to Android and iOS

手机数码 2017-10-05

In a move that will surprise many, Microsoft has announced that it is bringing Windows 10's default browser, Microsoft Edge, to Android and iOS.

Microsoft states that people who use Edge on Windows 10 PCs had been requesting that the browser should be made available for Android and iOS devices as well, and as such, the company is accepting the demands of its customers.

Edge on Android and iOS will offer similar features to those available on Windows 10 PCs, such as Reading List, Favorites, and Continue - which allows you to open links from your phone directly on your PC. A summary of some of the features can be viewed on Microsoft's dedicated website here .

The company has announced that iOS users can test the preview version of Microsoft Edge via Apple TestFlight starting today, whereas Android users can sign up for the preview right now, and will be able to put the browser through its paces soon.

Microsoft Edge for both Android and iOS will initially be available only in US-English, however, the Redmond giant plans to expand support to more countries and languages soon. Some features such as the synchronization of e-books purchased from the Windows Store, roaming passwords, and support for tablets, are coming soon. You can sign up to test the preview version of Microsoft Edge here .


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