Oh, No: Apple Blocks iPhone Downgrades from iOS 11 to iOS 10

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Apple has officially stopped signing iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11, which means that if you’ve already updated your iPhone to the latest version and experiencing issues, you’re out of luck because there’s no way to go back to an earlier major release.

Unfortunately for users, iOS 11 isn’t quite a bug-free update, and iPhone owners have been complaining about several major issues, no matter if we’re talking about the original 11.0 build or the 11.0.2 version that landed this week.

One of them is the battery drain, which reportedly occurs after the update to iOS 11 on both old and new iPhones. Until now, we’ve seen complaints from owners of iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and even the recently-launched 8, all of them saying that the new version of the operating system causes a major drop in battery life, especially in standby.

Downgrading only possible to iOS 11.0.1

While Apple hasn’t actually acknowledged the problems, both the 11.0.1 and the 11.0.2 updates were aimed at different bugs, with the latter supposed to
fix crackling noises on the iPhone 8 Plus


If your device has already been updated to 11.0.2, you still can go back to 11.0.1, but of course, the differences between the two versions are so small that it’s not even worth the effort.

Obviously, if the previous version provided a much more stable experience on your iPhone you should do it while it’s still possible because downgrading is likely to be blocked when another version is released in the coming weeks.

Right now, iOS 11.1 is the next big update on the radar, and Apple is already testing it with a beta version. There’s no ETA as to when this new OS version is expected to land, but given that testing has already started, it should be here by the end of the year.

Users who are still running iOS 10 on their iPhones and not sure if they should update to iOS 11 or not given all the problems should better hold back the install until Apple refines the experience with its latest OS.

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