Netflix Rising: A $225 Stock?

Pipe Jaffrayisn’t the only analyst weighing in today witha bullish call on Netflix
). reports that UBS
has raised it price target for Netflix from $190 a share to $225 a share. That represents a better than 25% upside over last night’s closing price of $179.19 a share and drastically exceeds the Street’s average price target of $188 a share.

Like Piper Jaffray’s Michael Olson, UBS’s Doug Mitchelson
sees subscriber growth growing faster than expected. In fact, he sees net subscriber additions for the second half of 2018 beating consensus by about 1 million.

Theflyonthewall offered up this summary of Mitchelson’s note:

…He raised his Q3 U.S. net subscriber addition estimate by 100,000 to 850,000 and increased his Q3 international net add estimate by 300,000 to 3.95M. Analysts’ consensus outlook for total Q3 U.S. and foreign subscriber net adds is 750,000 and 3.6M, respectively, he wrote. As a result, he predicted that the company’s net subscriber adds for the second half of 2017 would beat the consensus outlook by about 1M, and he expects the stock to rise in the near-term, due to the “lackluster” performance of its stock this quarter and investors’ belief that the company’s Q3 results will be in-line with expectations.

Netflix is feeling the love. The shares have climbed more than 3.3% to $185.17 a share in recent market action.


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