GoPro slides as Google announces its tiny Clips camera (GPRO)

科技动态 2017-10-05

GoPro shares fell by as much as 5% in trading Wednesday asGoogle unveiled a tiny camera that could rival its lineup.

Using facial recognition for people and pets, the Google Clips camera takes photos and videos without sound of moments that its owners miss or are unable to capture.

The onstage demo showed that it was targeted towards parents with pets. Like many GoPro cameras, it can be attached to a moving object or handheld. It will retail for $249.

Google unveiled its camera along with a slate of other products including a high-end laptop calledPixelbook and thePixel 2.

GoPro's stock has fallen about 37% over the past year as investors remained concerned about competition, and after theKarma drone was recalled and relaunched. Last week, the company launched its Hero6, a pocketable camera that can record 4K video at 60 frames per second.

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