Vivaldi 1.12 released with Image Properties and Download Panel Improvements

科技动态 2017-09-20

Vivaldi 1.12 based on Chromium 61 has been released and available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms with three new features, changes and bug fixes.

Vivaldi 1.12 version gets built-in image properties tool, displays download information and lets you control accent color saturation.

Vivaldi 1.12

What’s new:

Built-in Image properties feature displays complete information about the image you encounter on Photography or other websites such as Flickr. Vivaldi expects Photographers, designers, bloggers and creators to love this feature.

To get started with the feature, right click on an image and select ‘Image Properties’, Vivaldi analyzes the image and displays complete information based on meta data in a new tab along with the image.

Vivaldi ‘Image Properties’ displays the following information for an image:

  • File name and URL
  • The model of the camera that took the image
  • Depth of field and sensitivity of the image sensor (ISO)
  • Exposure and focal length
  • Histogram, white balance and color space
  • Dimensions and size
  • Time and date when the photo was taken
  • Software used to process the image

Vivaldi 1.12 adds Image Inspector to display Image Metadata

Vivaldi 1.12 – Video

Download Panel improvements

Vivaldi now displays total information about the downloaded and current downloading files in the download panel such as file size, name, download speed, URL destination folder and file downloaded date and time.

In addition to name, date, size, date added and date finished, Vivaldi now allows you sort downloads by type .

Vivaldi has added a new slider setting to limit accent color saturation. You can find it in the the appearance settings, by default it was set to 100%.

For more details and to download Vivaldi 1.12, visi t this page.


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