iPhone 14/13/12屏幕对比:屏占比巨变

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今年iPhone 14系列在产品方面的改动已经基本清晰,这次iPhone 14Pro两款机型是绝对的主角,因为这是五年内来首次取消刘海屏。不过,之前网络上曝光的一些iPhone 14Pro渲染图和贴膜,让大家对这块“感叹号”挖孔屏实在喜欢不起来,认为这个开孔太过奇葩,而且不会带来实际显示和屏占比上的提升。

iPhone 14/13/12屏幕对比:屏占比巨变

因此也有很多人提前就否定了iPhone 14 Pro的挖孔屏,不过近期海外博主制作了一张对比图,让很多人重新拾回了对苹果的信心。

根据图片显示,iPhone 14 Pro相比iPhone 13 Pro的小刘海,以及iPhone 12 Pro的大刘海设计,都非常明显的提升了屏幕的显示区域,而且屏幕边框也得到了进一步收窄。

iPhone 14/13/12屏幕对比:屏占比巨变


目前还没有消息表明,苹果会对系统上做出改进,让iPhone 14 Pro挖孔两侧的状态栏显示更多图标等信息。


As a result, many people have denied the digging screen of iPhone 14 Pro in advance, but recently overseas bloggers have produced a comparison picture, which has made many people regain their confidence in Apple.

According to the picture, iPhone 14 Pro significantly improves the display area of the screen compared to the small bangs of iPhone 13 Pro and the large bangs of iPhone 12 Pro, and the screen frame is further narrowed.

Although the exclamation point-shaped digging is a bit unacceptable for a moment, it does significantly increase the screen share.

There is no word yet that Apple will make improvements to the system so that the status bar on both sides of the iPhone 14 Pro dig holes displays more icons and other information.

However, if you still display only time, signal and battery information, it is undoubtedly a bit wasteful. I hope Apple can bring some optimization, or directly provide options for users to choose.

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