Anthony Scaramucci’s media project doesn’t make much sense

创业投资 2017-09-27

For the last few weeks, many Twitter users have been amused by an account called “The Scaramucci Post.” All that’s really been known about it is that it was created by Anthony Scaramucci, the Wall Street financier who worked in President Trump’s administration
for only 10 days
. On Twitter, the account published frequent polls about which accounts it should follow on the social network as well as other questions pertaining to news and culture.

Do you support a character limit increase on Twitter to 280 from 140?

— ScaramucciPost (@ScaramucciPost) September 26, 2017

Today, it posted a video
–starring Scarmucci, of course–aiming to explain what exactly the Scaramucci Post is. In his thick New York accent, Scaramucci described the Post as “the center lane in a two-way highway,” which, when you think about it, doesn’t really exist. Does he mean median? Or perhaps the short time when there’s a third exit lane? Maybe a bike lane … I’m not sure.

Beyond that, it’s unclear exactly what the Scaramucci Post’s content will actually look like. In the video, he said the site would discuss “ what is right and wrong in the society right now, as opposed to what’s left and right
.” He went on to explain that the “pendulum of the clock split and went two ways” (Scaramucci seems to love ill-fitting metaphors) and now there’s a opportunity to “be in the center lane.” So the new media enterprise will try to depoliticize content? Or give it more context? It’s unclear–especially coming from a man like Scaramucci who is as much of a centrist as Big Bird is a normal-sized bird.

The Post will feature “data dependent arguments about policy” as well as “rationalizations of what’s going on in the media.” Most of all, says the Wall Street billionaire, the Scaramucci Post will be a “world class experience.”

Good luck with that experience, say I! I hope to know more about what exactly it will be! More will be announced next week, said Scaramucci, and there will be a launch party to boot. If there’s a seat for Fast Company
, Anthony, I’d love an invite!CGW