Opera Developer 49 improves video playback for Macs

Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn’t entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.

What’s New:

Smoother videos on macOS

Opera 45 introduced significant performance improvements to video playback on Windows. Opera 49 makes videos better on macOS. You will get smoother playback, snappier seeking, high-resolution videos will load faster and the overall video experience should be noticeably better. The new solution has positive impact on both CPU and RAM usage, as well as power usage. Improvements are more visible when playing high resolution videos.

VK messenger added to sidebar

Opera comes with three messengers already: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. Today, VK joins that list. Users in Russia should see the icon instantly, while others need to right-click the sidebar to open the context menu and select it from the list. It’s worth reminding about the handy shortcut to show (and cycle through) messengers with ctrl + shift + m (⌘ + ⇧ + m macOS).

Others changes and fixes made in this build that are worth mentioning:

  • [Mac] Icons in the right corner of the address bar weren’t aligned.
  • Adblock/VPN pop ups were totally misplaced.
  • Fix for “My sources” in personal news.
  • Fix for cursor moving to the beginning of address bar.
  • Fixed typo in experiment’s name #personal-news-notifications.
  • Belarusian ruble (BYN) added to built-in currency converter.

The problem with personal news that manifested itself last Thursday is already fixed. However, your configured list of sources is gone. We have extended our set of automated tests to catch such a situation before it becomes a problem. It’s worth reminding that this is the developer channel, which is meant for testing the latest code and, unfortunately, such things can happen. Either be sure to do a manual backup of your whole profile, or stick to the stable branch. While you’ll be adding back your favorite sources, keep in mind that you can select sources from our catalog (over 8,300 sources), but in case something is missing you can just enter a site’s URL. If there’s any readable web feed, Opera will allow you to add it your sources. Alternatively, you can also paste a direct link to the web feed. Chromium version 62.0.3202.18.

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