全国早报-2022年7月24日 星期日2022福布斯中国·消费活力城市榜正式发布:今年位列榜首的城市是北京,排名第二的是上海,重庆位列榜单第三。排名第四的是“千年商都”广州

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5、浙江嘉兴一KTV提供有偿陪侍色情表演143人被抓 :为增加收入,招募公关有偿陪侍


7、唐山打架事件8名违法嫌疑人已到案 ;唐山遵化打人事件起因,系起身时撞到邻桌

8、丈夫打赏女主播10余万妻子要求返还 天津一法院:打赏是消费行为,驳回



11、日本单日新增确诊破20万 日本单日新增确诊连续4天创纪录

12、山西为小杂粮立法 将于10月1日施行;黑土地保护法8月1日起正式实施

13、四川什邡多名儿童检测出腺病毒阳性 游泳馆样本尿素和细菌总数超标








National Morning Post: Sunday, July 24, 2022

1. A number of local governments have opened the courtyard. Xinyang, Henan Province, has directly removed the courtyard wall to become a cool resort, which will be transformed into a park. Expert: the embodiment of civilization and progress.

2. A fire in a company in Yubei District of Chongqing killed 4 people: the fire has been put out and the cause of the accident is under investigation

3. After a man in Sichuan 1.57 million bought a house and checked in, he found that the murder house was delayed for the rest of his life. He sued the landlord and intermediary. Lianjia said that he would buy back according to the process.

4. From 0 to 24:00 on July 22, 42 new confirmed cases and 329 new local asymptomatic infections were found in Gansu Province.

5. Paid escort provided by a KTV in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, 143 people were arrested for pornographic performances: in order to increase income, recruit public relations paid escort

6. Harbin, Heilongjiang: a man vomits 1000ml blood after a mouthful of cold black tea. Avoid drinking large amounts of chilled food at high temperatures in summer.

7. Eight suspects in the Tangshan fight have been brought to the case. The cause of the attack in Zunhua, Tangshan, was to bump into the next table when he got up.

8. The husband rewarded the hostess more than 100,000, and his wife asked to return it to a court in Tianjin: reward is a consumer behavior, rejected.

9. Joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council: the vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine will not cause leukemia and diabetes; about 40% of the people over 80 years old in China have not completed the full vaccination.

10. Multi-local locomotives wear Dabai to work in the heat and send it to ICU

11. Japan added more than 200000 new diagnoses in a single day, setting a record for four consecutive days.

12. Shanxi legislation for minor grains will be implemented on October 1, and the Black Land Protection Law will be formally implemented on August 1.

13. A number of children in Shifang, Sichuan Province detected adenovirus positive swimming pool samples of urea and the total number of bacteria exceeded the standard.

14. The somatosensory temperature of 86 counties in Jiangxi exceeded 40 ℃, and Jiangxi launched a level 4 response to major meteorological disasters.

15. National Health Commission: China’s current party and state leaders have completed the vaccination of domestic novel coronavirus.

16. The mountain collapse accident in a coal mine enterprise in Jingtai, Gansu Province has killed 9 people and left 1 person missing.

17. 2022 Forbes China consumption dynamic cities list was officially released: Beijing topped the list this year, Shanghai ranked second, and Chongqing ranked third on the list. Guangzhou, the “commercial capital of the millennium”, ranked fourth.

18. Beijing multi-district issued a reminder: residents who have purchased durian Xishi related food since July 1, please take the initiative to report

19. Zelansky: the agreement on the outward shipment of agricultural products will restore Ukraine’s control over the Ukrainian territorial sea; the Ukrainian side says there is no reason to resume negotiations between Russia and Ukraine: the war must end with Ukrainian territorial integrity; Zelansky: if the territory is not taken back, a ceasefire with Russia will only prolong the conflict; Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: will be held criminally responsible for those who have obtained Russian passports.

Health: eating too fast increases the risk of diabetes. Studies have shown that people who “gobble up” meals are three times more likely to develop diabetes. This is because: eat too fast, the brain does not have time to send a “full” signal, easy to eat more; eat too fast, blood sugar ups and downs in the body, will damage the function of the islets responsible for stable blood sugar, in the long run, it is easy to develop into diabetes, so it is recommended to eat at least 20 to 30 minutes per meal.

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