Asus Zenfone 5 may launch as early as next March

Asus has just yesterday officially brought its Zenfone 4 family of smartphones to Europe
, but it’s already thinking about the next generation. According to a new report from the company’s home of Taiwan, Asus CEO Jerry Shen himself says that we may see the Zenfone 5 series launching as soon as March next year.

That would definitely not give the Zenfone 4 lineup a lot of time on the market, what with some models only arriving in stock in November (for examplein the UK). Shen says Asus’ smartphone business has returned to a growth track following a recent restructuring. In the fourth quarter of this year, it should even return to profitability.

The Zenfone 3 devices have apparently been gaining momentum in France, Italy, Spain, and Russia, and this is expected to continue with the Zenfone 4 launching in those markets. Asus is also expanding its cooperation with carriers in Europe, hoping that will net it even more sales.


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