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This is a matter of readiness. How many times have you asked yourself about the next stage? About when you’ll change your way of living, learn some new skills or eventually force yourself to do some morning exercises? Here is the signal for you. Now’s the time! No more attempts and postpones. The new Syndicode
Digest #22 – Signal orange waits for you.


  1. Q&A about new Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)
    . The latest release allows organizations to modernize Windows, Linux, and Linux-on-mainframe applications — all with minimal disruption.
  2. News from the last week: Atlassian released new Identity Manager
    . This is a product with four features: SAML single sign-on for identity management, enforced two-step verification, advanced password policies, and priority cloud support. The cloud support feature promises a one-hour response time for customers facing critical issues on the weekend. Moreover, Atlassian is adding Trello boards to Bitbucket Cloud, which brings the project planning capabilities of Trello to Bitbucket, the software collaboration tool.
  3. The 12 major findings from the quantitive analysis of Agile Methods Study
    . These methods are still widely spread in software development and Scrum is the most popular one.
  4. The case study of the progressive web app
    that was switched from React to Preact. Impressive statistics and a lot of metrics data to explore.
  5. MEAN is a popular web development stack which allows developers to program in JavaScript on both the client and the server. Learn how to create a web app and RESTful API Server using the MEAN
  6. Have you heard about Crystal
    before? This is the new multi-paradigm programming language inspired by Ruby and claimed to be faster than Ruby.
  7. Metadata In Practice: Elixir’s Logger useful logs
    by adding contextual metadata. Explore ways to manipulate and enhance logs prior to their final presentation.
  8. React component consists of three stages: Mounting, Updating and Unmounting. This article will give you a handy guide on what React lifecycle method
    you should use for certain actions.
  9. Something to share with UX designers: Lottie
    is a tool to render After Effects animations
    in real time, and allow native apps to use animations as easily as they use static assets.
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