Introducing The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Networking Days

存储架构 2017-09-22

OSN Days are a fantastic opportunity for network developers and users to learn how ONAP, OPNFV, OpenDaylight and other open source initiatives are changing NFV/SDN orchestration and networking solutions. Stops on the tour include:
Tel Aviv,
today for an upcoming OSN Day in your region.

The day-long events will start with a plenary session where attendees will hear from site hosts and The Linux Foundation speakers on the state of the industry and the collaboration and touch points between projects that make up the open source networking stack.
Presenters will also explore how business opportunities like 5G and IoT are enabled by network transformation.
In the afternoon, events may feature technical sessions, tutorials, demonstrations, and workshops that empower attendees to participate, contribute, and deepen their knowledge of open source networking.

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