FileZilla Client 3.28.0-rc1发布,FTP 解决方案

综合技术 2017-09-23

FileZilla Client 3.28.0-rc1 发布了,FileZilla 是一个快速、可信赖的 FTP 客户端以及服务器端的开放源代码程序,具有多种特色、直观的接口。更新内容如下:


  • Add "Close once" as queue completion action

Bug 修复和镜像更新:

  • Fixed crash if FileZilla is forced to close, e.g. when the system is shutting down, while there are open dialogs

  • If the transfer queue asks for a password and the password dialog is canceled the queue processing is now stopped

  • OS X, *nix: Improve detection of invalid character encodings in local filenames

  • Fix potential crash expanding directory tree items while changing selections



责编内容by:开源中国 (源链)。感谢您的支持!


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