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At noon on the 1st and 8th, Shinzo Abe was shot dead at the age of 67 while giving a speech in Nara. The funeral will be held on the 12th. Japanese media: the suspect, Tetsuya Yamayama, a former member of the Maritime self-Defense Force, has been arrested, the gun is suspected of 3D printer production, the source of ammunition is a mystery, its confession said “because Abe is related to religious groups, dissatisfied with him”; after the shooting, Tokyo TV is still broadcasting a food show.

2. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: the query time range of communication travel card is adjusted from 14 days to 7 days.

3. Zhengzhou big data Administration Bureau informed that “the health code of depositors in village and town banks has turned red again”: there are technical problems in the upgrade and have returned to normal after emergency treatment.

On the afternoon of April 7th, seven children drowned in Hezuo City, Gansu Province, resulting in five deaths and one injury, and one person was missing.

5. A project in Xi’an, country Garden, was accused of sinking and tilting three months after the house was handed over. Official: it is basically true, and follow-up rectification work will be carried out.

6. Hainan’s optimized fertility policy: completely decoupling admission and employment from individual fertility; Huanggang, Hubei: a subsidy of 10, 000 yuan for families with three children, and a maximum subsidy of 100000 yuan for introducing talents that year; Jiaozuo, Henan: college graduates buy their first apartment, the loan amount of provident fund is 20 times the balance of their account.

7. The first domestic new crown neutralization antibody combination therapy drug began to be commercialized, priced at less than 10,000 yuan, first used in Shenzhen, and demand has been put forward by more than 20 provinces and cities.

8. Pakistan’s northwestern province has been hit by torrential rains and torrents for days. As of the evening of the 7th, at least 45 people were killed, more than 300 houses collapsed and thousands of people were affected.

9. Putin issued a presidential decree supporting the proposal to establish a joint regional air defense system with Kyrgyzstan.

10. Iran claims that “the British Deputy Ambassador was arrested for espionage in Iraq”. The British government denies that it is not true that the “arrested diplomat” left office and left Iran in December last year. Expert: or part of the mutual pressure between Iran and the West

11. Russia launches a “diplomatic offensive”: foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visits Vietnam and participates in G20 foreign ministers’ meetings.

12. Foreign media: on the 8th, Ukraine seized the assets of Ukrainian subsidiaries of three Russian energy companies, worth about 62 million US dollars.

13. Foreign media: on the 8th, Kazakhstan announced its withdrawal from the agreement of the CIS Transnational Monetary Committee, and the rift in Russian-Kazakh relations was gradually made public. Earlier, it was announced that it planned to increase oil supply to Europe to offset the shortage of Russian natural gas.

14. Indian media: the Indian Law Enforcement Agency seized 4.65 billion rupees (about 386 million yuan) of funds from vivo India and related companies on suspicion of violating the Prevention of money laundering Act. Chinese Embassy: Indian practices disrupt the normal operation of enterprises and hinder the improvement of the business environment

15. Russia’s first submarine, Belgorod, which can carry Poseidon’s nuclear-powered unmanned underwater vehicle, has been handed over to the Russian navy, and Poseidon has an unlimited range. Can dive to a depth of 1000 meters and can carry nuclear warheads to destroy the entire aircraft carrier group.

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