How to use Automatic Setup in iOS 11

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iOS 11 makes setting up a new iPhone or iPad insanely easy! Here’s how to do it!

Apple has made setting up a new iPhone or iPad even easier with the new Automatic Setup iniOS 11. Automatic Setup works a lot like setting up a new Apple Watch by allowing you to scan another iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 11 to transfer your data, settings, and content over to your new device. Here’s how you use Automatic Setup on iOS 11.

How to set up your iPhone or iPad with Automatic Setup

In order to make this work, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad that is already set up, connected to your iCloud account, and running iOS 11. Plus, the two devices need to be physically close together, so make sure you have both devices handy.

  1. Turn on your new iPhone or iPad .
  2. Press the Home button to start the setup process.
  3. Tap Continue on the Set Up New iPhone/iPad prompt on your previously set up iOS 11 device.
  4. Scan the code that appears on the iPhone or iPad you’re trying to set up.

  5. Enter the Passcode from your previously set up device.
  6. Continue the setup process on the new iPhone or iPad.

From here you’ll need to agree to a few terms of services and the other legal agreements that are typically when setting up a new device, but that’s it. All your iCloud information and your Wi-Fi settings are all transferred over during the Automatic Setup process.

What do you think of the new Automatic Setup?

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