Year of the OpenBSD desktop

手机数码 2016-04-24

It is a common theme in the GNU/Linux community to tout the current year as the year of the linux desktop. Every year the same thing happens. The nay sayers nag that Linux is a tiny percentage of the desktop market and that Mac OS X/Windows is superior in so many ways.

What most people miss is that for the majority of users the year of the Linux desktop already happend. I myself can count at least 5-7 years where I used Linux exclusively and nothing else. That’s pretty much the definition of being the desktop. I don’t own a Mac or a Windows machine. I can do ALL of my work & entertainment (hello steam <3 gabe="" ;="" hi="" netflix!)="" on="" it.="" give="" it="" up="" linux="" folks.="" you="" are="" already="" the="" desktop="" 🙂

Personally I am waiting for my OpenBSD on the desktop year. It’s funny because two things happened recently. My wife promised me to make a double colored winter scarf for me. One color is for a day I used Linux and the other color is reserved for a day I only used OpenBSD. Current stats shows that since the start of this year I used Linux for 75 days and OpenBSD for 55 days. It’s a pretty head to head match and OpenBSD is loosing mostly due to work (like the Dart team not really cooperating to get BSD support) but I’m working on it. I already could use Linux (and did) on every day of the year without any exceptions. I will claim the OpenBSD on the desktop year when I can do the same with OpenBSD (and believe me I will try to make it happen).

The second thing that happened was a series of tweets on twitter. Referring 2016 as the year of OpenBSD on the desktop. Guess what. For some people it already arrived. I strongly believe that @risc started the series.

2016 year of the #OpenBSD desktop?

— risc (@0x72697363)
April 11, 2016

2016 year of the #OpenBSD desktop!

— risc (@0x72697363)
April 20, 2016

I jumped on.

2016 year of the #OpenBSD desktop!

— mulander (@mulander)
April 20, 2016

and more people started tweeting

Really happy coding in #elixirlang on my #OpenBSD desktop!

— unbalancedparen (@unbalancedparen)
April 19, 2016

@mulander 🙂

— glenn faustino (@glenn_faustino)
April 20, 2016

including my wife

2016 year of the #OpenBSD desktop!

[inspired by @0x72697363 ] here ->

— Raven Alpha (@nemessica)
April 20, 2016

and what better way to define a OpenBSD desktop than a set of CD’s sitting on one?

#OpenBSD 5.9 disks arrived today!


— Gareth Llewellyn (@NetworkString)
April 18, 2016

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