The Dodocool DA92 can Wirelessly Charge your Smartphone at 10W, in your Car!

手机数码 2017-09-20

Today we have a look at a smartphone accessory that would be on many people wish list, did they own a wireless charging compatible device. We’re talking about the Dodocool DA92, a fast wireless car charger; let’s learn more about it!

The Dodocool DA92 is not just a standard wireless charger, it can indeed can charge your smartphone at up to 10W, that’s double than traditional Qi charging technology that tops at 5W. The car charger also features over-current protection, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection, so your expensive smartphone is always in good hands.

This car accessory can be mounted in two ways, on the windshield with a suction mount and on an air vent with a buckle, it can also rotate at up to 360-degrees. For the rest, it works just like any phone holder. What’s different than those are the two LEDs, one blue to show the device is charging and a green one that means the charge is in standby mode.

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Dodocool DA92 Specifications

  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Color: Black
  • Input: 5V / 2A, 9V / 1.8A
  • Output: DC9V / 1.2A Max
  • Rated frequency: 110 ~ 205 kHz
  • Charging distance: < 10 mm
  • Charging efficiency: ≥ 72%
  • Interface: 1 * Micro USB port
  • Cable length: 4.92ft / 1.50m
  • LED indicator: Green (Standby) & blue (Charging)


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