Nest Sept. 20 event: Live coverage from San Francisco

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Nest promises a ”
big announcement

” for today, Sept. 20. CNET is on-site at the event in San Francisco. It starts at 9 a.m. PT, noon ET, 5 p.m. UK.

Just last week, the company unveiled its
Nest Thermostat E

, a more affordable version of its eponymous smart home gadget. Whatever is shown off here will presumably be something totally different. In its invite, the company alluded to “popcorn” and a “comfy couch.”

Like sister company Google, Nest is a division of the Alphabet company. The search giant has also scheduled an event for Oct. 4, at which
new Pixel phones and Google Home smart speakers

are expected to be announced.

Follow the Twitter stream from our staff on the ground in SF, including Rich Brown and Megan Wollerton.

A Twitter List by CNET

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Nest Thermostat E

Read the CNET review of the Nest’s most affordable thermostat to date

CNET Smart Home Compatibility Tool

Amazon Alexa? Google Home? Apple HomeKit? See which gadgets are compatible with every major smart home operating system.


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