Macquarie Telecom deploys SD-WAN for United Way

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Macquarie Telecom (MAQ) has deployed its SD-WAN service to Australian not-for-profit United Way, with the upgrade enabling United Way to consider new digital services it can launch with a simpler and more scalable network.

United Way does not have an IT department and relies on Macquarie Telecom to manage and keep secure its network, enabling it to manage donations, communicate and work with the communities it helps.

MAQ says the upgrade has increased United Way’s resilience through teaming up two data services via a multipath, “a unique benefit of Macquarie Telecom’s SD-WAN service”.

According to the telco, the added resilience has reduced United Way’s risk of outages, and since the upgrade there has been zero downtime, resulting in cost savings and ensuring members of the community can always reach the organisation.

“We have more important things to worry about than our network,” said Clayton Noble, CEO, United Way. “Partnering with Macquarie Telecom and its SD-WAN solution means we can spend our valuable donations on building stronger communities.”

“As we continue to expand, we’re looking at how we can bring disadvantaged schoolchildren into our offices to participate in creative learning platforms. Having a secure, reliable network will be important to make things like that happen and, more broadly, how we innovate in working with the community,” added Noble.

Other benefits cited by MAQ include an increase in speed of 28 per cent and better visibility over United Way’s network through the orchestrator, which can show on a single screen how up to 2,500 applications are performing and which are using up bandwidth.


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