Open Source Summit: Day 2 features TensorFlow, BlockChain, and HitRecord

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Open Source Summit: Day 2 features TensorFlow, BlockChain, and HitRecord's Jason Hibbets and's Gregg Pollack round up highlights from the second day of Open Source Summit North America.

21 Sep 2017
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The actor and founder of HitRecord Joseph Gordon-Levitt kicked off the second day of the Open Source Summit. His open creative community, HitRecord, allows for the evolution of open source film projects. We learned how a company is using BlockChain to fight poverty while keeping plastic out of the ocean, and about how Microsoft and Google are now more deliberate about how they create a culture of openness inside and outside their companies.

Watch as Jason Hibbets and I give you a quick summary of day 2, and I manage to understand what TensorFlow is along the way.

Here are links from the video:

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