23岁知名游戏YouTuber的Technoblade罹患癌症去世 他分享了最后的影片

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受欢迎的Minecraft YouTuber的Technoblade已因癌症去世,享年23岁。在上传到他的YouTube频道的一段题为”so




23岁知名游戏YouTuber的Technoblade罹患癌症去世 他分享了最后的影片





在Technoblade去世后,游戏社区涌入了支持、钦佩和哀悼的回复,包括来自Dream SMP的成员–这是一个大受欢迎的Minecraft服务器,曾与知名流媒体人(包括Technoblade本人)合作拍摄。

“毫不费力的搞笑。无尽的才华。走得太早了。”YouTuber Ted Nivison在Twitter上说。







Hello, this is Technoblade speaking. By the time you saw this film, I was already dead, & quot;, he said. & quot; thank you for your support for my content over the years. If I had 100 lives left, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every time, because it was the happiest time in my life. & quot

In the video, Technoblade apologizes for how much quot; has sold over the past year & quot;, but points out that as a result, his siblings will be able to go to college.

Technoblade’s father described how the two discussed making the final film, but he said it was difficult for Alex & quot; to create quot; because of his illness.

After quot; finished, he only lived for about eight hours. & quot; his father said Tylenbrad wrote a screenplay for his last video in bed and died shortly afterwards. & quot; I don’t think he said everything he wanted to say, but I think he got to the point. & quot

In a video posted on his channel in August 2021, Technoblade revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He said his right arm began to ache in July of that year, which he initially thought was due to repetitive strain. Eventually, he went to see a doctor in early August and was diagnosed with malignant sarcoma, a rare cancer that grows in the connective tissue of the body.

I think it’s silly and inappropriate to talk about this in the context of “Minecraft” & quot; jokes in the video that his & quot; chemotherapy arc will be great content & quot;, and when he calls people to tell them the diagnosis, & quot; no one accepts the news worse than my health insurance provider-they can’t stand it for weeks. & quot

After Technoblade’s death, the gaming community poured in support, admiration and mourning responses, including from members of Dream SMP, a popular Minecraft server that worked with well-known streaming people, including Technoblade himself.

is effortlessly funny. Endless talent. I left too early. & quot;YouTuber Ted Nivison said on Twitter.

Technoblade is the person many of us look up to, including myself. Thank you for everything you’ve done for so many people. The world would be different without you. & Erete, another quot; streaming user, said on Twitter.

In a message posted on Technoblade’s online store, his family said that some of his merchandise sales would be donated to the charity, the American Sarcoma Foundation.

His family also shared a statement at the end of his final video, reiterating his gratitude and respect for fans and other streaming users, as well as his family’s desire for privacy.

We, Technoblade’s family, want all of you to know how much he admires and respects his fans and colleagues.

Since Technoblade’s earliest online age, he has been planning how to please and reward his audience-giving online prizes, encouraging good sportsmanship and, above all, sharing his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and laughter. Even after he finally achieved success, he managed to maintain his well-intentioned humility and compete in a balance between self-confidence and self-deprecating wit. He avoids hype about his reputation and strives to keep his true identity secret, and we ask you to continue to respect his wishes and protect the privacy of him and his family.

In the past year, our son has encountered a lot of difficulties in the fight against stage IV cancer. But he did not complain and kept using his famous strategic mind to try to overcome the almost impossible odds that he knew. My son’s bravery on this road is a shining lesson for all of us who are lucky enough to walk with him. Thank you for sharing his journey because he has done the work he loves for his beloved fans.

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