Samsung Galaxy S9: next-gen camera that shoots 1000FPS

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is here, we’re only a little over 6 months away from Samsung announcing their next-gen Galaxy S9 smartphone. We should expect Samsung to go for Apple’s throat with the Galaxy S9, since it’ll be the first flagship smartphone to arrive post- iPhone X .

Samsung will reportedly use their own in-house camera sensor on the Galaxy S9, passing the 4K 60FPS sensor inside of the iPhone X and even their own Galaxy Note 8, with a camera that can shoot 1000FPS video. Samsung should be shooting 1080p video @ 1000FPS, and not 4K – as that would require some out-of-this-world technology.

How did Samsung do this? Especially considering how much of a strain shooting 1000FPS video will have on the camera sensor, the processor, RAM, and everything in between.

Samsung could follow Sony with their triple-layer camera sensor that is capable of shooting 1000FPS, with the Japanese electronics giant packaging the sensor and circuitry together with its own dedicated memory module that stores huge amounts of calcuations that are required. This way, it doesn’t use the processor at all, letting the smartphone run at 100% speeds while shooting that super-fast 1000FPS video not slowing anything down.

We should expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S9 next year, somewhere in the April 2018 timeframe. 4K 60FPS video alongside 1080p 1000FPS video shooting abilities, and heck – it might even be offered as a modular addition if the latest rumors are true .

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