How to Remove iOS 11 Beta Profile from Your iPhone Without Backup

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iOS 11 the most advanced and functioning mobile OS. Apple has developed the next generation mobile OS for Apple iPhone and iPad, and many of us have downloaded and used iOS 11 beta version. With iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X Apple has announced to release a stable version of iOS 11. From 19th Sept 2017, a user can download and install iOS 11.

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Before you move forward to get the stable version, it will require removing iOS Beta profile from your device. Many of us believe that deleting a beta profile may lose the data or we need to downgrade to iOS 10 from iOS 11 . But there is no reason to downgrade or no chance of losing data to get the stable version.

In this post, you will find a way to delete/remove iOS 11 beta profile without losing data or restoring your device to install the stable version of iOS 11. Let’s see the detailed guide.

How to Remove iOS 11 Beta Software Profile from iPhone

Step #1.Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step #2. Next, tap on General .

Step #3. Scroll down to Profile & Device Management option and tap on it.

Step #4. Tap on the iOS Beta Software Profile .

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Step #5. Next, tap on Remove Profile .

Step #6. Enter your password , confirm it and Remove .

Step #7.Now Restart your phone.

To receive iOS 11 stable version notification, you need to Leave the Apple beta program.

Navigate to Apple Beta Program Page .

Scroll down and look for “How do I leave the program” and click on Sign in .

Scroll down and click on “Leave Apple Beta Software Program” .

All done. You have successfully deleted the iOS beta profile and left apple beta program. Now, wait for the official notification to get the Stable version of iOS 11.

Hope you followed the above-mentioned methods and got the iOS 11 on your device. If you have faced any issue, then do share it with us by commenting below. We will look into it.


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