Happy 2nd Birthday {code} Community!

存储架构 2017-06-20

Three years ago, the {code} team was born. Many of you reached out to us to keep up to date with what we were doing and there needed to be an easy way for our joint communication. After a few failed tries with IRC and linked private Slack teams, onJune 18th 2015 the doors to the {code} Community opened.

The {code} Community needed to be inviting and easy to join. We used Slackin as a tool so anyone could join in on the fun. Over 20 people joined the first week. Then quickly the {code} Community had over a 100. Then 200. Shortly thereafter the RackHD team joined (DevHigh5 project) and brought with them a huge influx of new members (thank you!). For more history of the {code} Communityhave a look here.

The {code} Community now has over 3,600 members with two community programs:

  • DevHigh5 through which 65+ open source projects are in various stages of development
  • {code} Catalyst program which opens dialogue across company borders and creates an ecosystem of open source advocates who lead and advance emerging technology to support software-based infrastructures.

Should you be part of the {code} Community? Here are some ideas to help you decide:

  • Are you interested in container technologies such as Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes, or REX-Ray?
  • Do you like to contribute and collaborate on open source projects?
  • Are you looking for a supportive community, where thousands of open source focused individuals collaborate, ask questions of each other and get answers?

Come join in on the fun by going to codedellemc.com/community !


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