Google finally adds a search function for finding Google Assistant apps

Since launching Actions on Google (now named Assistant Apps) to provide voice assistant ‘apps’ for the Google Assistant the nascent platform has seen a few expansions and revisions. The most important expansion, at least for the majority of our Audience was the launching of Voice apps in Australiaearlier this month. However, one thing that was missing from the search giant’s offering has been, strangely, a search function.

Until today if you wanted to find an Assistant App you had to go through the discover tab app by app as they were listed in the various categories. This was not only frustrating, but was almost akin to looking for a needle in a haystack at times. It won’t surprise many of you that Google’s Assistant app strategy is a little fragmented.

With the new search box you can now search the list of Assistant apps and quickly find what you’re looking for. With the number of Assistant apps growing, or at least changing, it may be time that Google look at introducing an assistant section to the Play Store. While search is an excellent enhancement, and one I’m very grateful for, some way of ‘discovering’ new and interesting apps would also be great for users and developers alike.

The search function is showing up on all devices that have the Google Assistant. You can also navigate to it via the hamburger menu in the Home App and then the Explore tab.

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