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创业投资 2017-09-15

iHub and the World Bank Group will host a one-week intensive boot camp in Nairobi, a part of a business acceleration program to help East African tech start-ups commercialize and scale innovative digital products.

The Traction Camp accelerator launched six months ago by iHub and the World Bank Group’s infoDev program will connect 20 high-growth start-ups with the knowledge, capital, and access to markets they need to grow. The program is supported by the governments of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Kenya, and includes intensive business coaching and mentorship for up to six months.

The start-ups from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda will convene in Nairobi for the one week face-to-face boot camp on Sept. 18-23, 2017 and culminate in a demo day event on Sept. 22 at iHub from 4-8 p.m. Parties interested in investing or collaborating with the participating start-ups are encouraged to express interest here prior to Sept. 19, 2017 .

Here are the 21 Participating Startups successfully selected to participate in Traction Camp regional accelerator program (Round 1). The aim is to nurture them to become globally competitive, growth-oriented, mobile and digital technology businesses.

Bluewave Insurance Agency Limited, Kenya

An online platform that enables clients access micro insurance products and market research and analytics on insurance trends and insurance requirements.

BusinessTYC tax, Ethiopia

A tax preparation and declaration SaaS platform for SMEs in Ethiopia. It is built to make doing business in Ethiopia easier for entrepreneurs so that they can focus on innovation. It doesn’t require any accounting or IT knowledge.

DreamAfrica, Kenya

A global subscription based streaming platform for animations and films from around the world. We also produce original animations to celebrate cultural representation in digital media. DreamAfrica has a revenue share program with its content partners.

Illuminum Greenhouses, Kenya

A farming solutions company providing greenhouses with drip irrigation kits equipped with solar powered sensors that allows the Internet of Things penetrate and reach the base of pyramid farmers allowinbg them to grow high value crops all year round in a protected environment.

K&G Solar Power (U) Ltd, Uganda

The company is involved in the sale and distribution of pico and stand alone solar systems especially targeting rural communities that are off the national electricity grid. we have partnerships with local banks to extend the equipment to the beneficiaries on loan basis.

Kleva Plus, Kenya

An app to help manage your business on the go. It helps to manage customers, sales and finances and be able to operate on mobile.

Kokote, Tanzania

A solution that transforms the way we look for a next place to call home by offering a faster, more secure and affordable experience to users who are searching for houses for rent. Kokote simplifies the process by providing tools for users to choose houses by price, number of rooms, location and the like and share the houses they like with friends and families

MobFit, Uganda

An e-agriculture platform connecting smallholder farmers’ produce to markets. We use basic SMS technology to enhance community based aggregate production for irish potato farmers. We ensure the aggregated bulk produce reaches the market in time.

MyAfya, Kenya

An application that helps hypertension patients to manage their condition. The user gets access to health practitioners, save blood pressure history and share such data with care givers. We also create awareness and distribute home testing kits to be used along with the app

Online Hisabu, Ethiopia

A cloud based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution. It recognizes SMEs’ resource limitation, lack of computer proficiency and accounting skills. It is a financial management and reporting tool tailored to the Ethiopian context.

Patasente Inc, Uganda

A supply chain financing platform that enables people guarantee or to businesses in East Africa. Entrepreneurs get working capital loans to grow their revenues, and lenders finance the loans by buying a range of interest bearing promissory notes to earn extra incomes.

SapamaERP, Kenya

A cloud-based ERP targeting SME’s that automates, simplifies and streamlines business processes of Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Invoicing and Accounting, Procurement, Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management.

Shield Finance, Kenya

A FinTech company using proprietary technology and leveraging on Mobile Money to offer employees affordable salary advances.With competitive interest rates, we are more flexible than mainstream lenders and deliver requested advances in record time.

Simon Tito Foods, Tanzania

An innovative business in electric egg incubators. We offer our products at affordable payment terms. Customers buys our product at 50% of the price while the other 50% is payed overtime by purchasing token units. Our electric egg incubator is automatically locked until customers buys token units.

SunPoynt, Kenya

SunPoynt (formerly Angaza Boma) targets to be a market in ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy services for off-grid customers – combining mobile payments with GSM sensor technology to enable the leasing of 22″ solar powered TV home systems in Kenya

Mobilized Construction, Uganda

A cloud-based software platform that enables project managers and civil engineers to identify and visualize road conditions using just a smartphone and to coordinate micro-enterprises to repair roads using micro-contracts.

Tamithi Ltd, Uganda

A creative firm with expertise in Illustrations, Animations and Games. We focus on creating innovative local ideas and themes that our clients and society can relate to.

Totohealth, Kenya

A platform that enables a parent to receive timely messages based on their stage of pregnancy or child’s age. These messages highlight warning signs in their pregnancy or child’s health thereby enabling one to seek timely care.

Ukulima tech, Kenya

We design fabricate and install vertical Gardens which provide healthy vegetables and a source of livelihood. Our mobile app enables one to monitor and irrigate their farms from anywhere in addition to provides gardening skills for different crops.

Yubeyi, Rwanda

An online marketplace to help people sell their products online and reach more customers. It also helps busy people to buy products online and get products delivered to them with out wasting time

ZayRide, Ethiopia

ZayRide is the Uber of Ethiopia, on-demand taxi and Ambulance dispatching application that connects riders and drivers with. We recently added a delivery service. So our loyal customers get more services with a single application.


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