Getting the Best Out of Videos for Business Success

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Visuals are one of the best ways to attract customer attention. While photos and memes play a vital role in creating brand visibility, it is videos that have the highest recall. Observe your wall on Facebook. You will see that the highest number of likes, shares, and comments are on videos. In fact, marketers around the world have realized the power videos have in bringing in business.

In order to benefit from videos, marketers need to know how best to use them. Videos have great potential to turn prospects into loyal customers, just as they have the power to break vital customer relationships. What you post as a video will be a direct reflection of what your business stands for and what your company believes.

Here are some important steps that marketers need to follow in order to leverage the power of videos:

v Identify and understand the market you serve

It is important for companies to zero in on a particular segment of the market. Say you are a restaurateur and your potential customers are those who like to go out to have a meal at a restaurant. Now that classification offers you a very wide customer base. Narrow down your scope. Are you running a fast food restaurant or a fine dining restaurant? Do you specialize in vegan food or do you offer hearty soul food? Pick your market based on the unique attributes of your offering.

Video curation will become easier once you identify your customers, as you can alter the videos to suit the perceptions of your target market.

v Keep trending and tagging

Trends and tags are some of the best ways to gain customer attention. Find out what’s trending in the world today. Use some relatable trends as a base while you curate your videos. Use creative and frequently-used tags when sharing your content. Tags and trends will make your videos accessible to anyone searching for these specific trends and tags. Even customers who aren’t your primary markets can view your content and this will increase your market share in the long run.

Incorporating an attractive thumbnail image is the key to the success of a video. A person will only view your video if the thumbnail draws them to it.

v Keywords matter

People use specific words to search for the content they want. While these searches may seem random or even unique at first glance, the words used are usually similar in all cases. For example, the name “Justin Bieber” has over 20,975 searches a day. Just introduce his name in your content and you would find your video popping up among any searches related to Justin. There are many such keywords that you can use to increase the view rate of your video.

v Engage your viewers

Involve your audience in your video. Post questions, create opinion polls, present challenges — all of these will help you keep your viewers entertained. The more you engage your customers, the more often will they view any content you publish.

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