Cloudflare再次出现宕机事故 影响全球大量网站

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尽管Cloudflare官方发出声明表示15分钟内宕机问题可以得到恢复解决,但实际宕机时间比官方公布的更长。Cloudflare为 2600 万网站提供服务,此次宕机也导致了大量网站受影响无法访问,其中包括了,,,,udemy.com等。

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Although Cloudflare officially issued a statement that the downtime can be restored within 15 minutes, the actual downtime is longer than officially announced. Cloudflare serves 26 million websites, and the outage also affected a large number of websites, including,,,,

According to the latest official statement released by Cloudflare, the downtime problem was restored at 8: 06 a.m. UTC time on June 21. The exact cause of the outage has not yet been announced. The last time there was a major Cloudflare outage was in 2020, when the official accident report said the outage was caused by a misconfiguration of the backbone network. The scope of impact and downtime of this accident is longer and wider than that of 2020. We will continue to pay attention to the specific causes of this accident.

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