Trello boards the desktop with Mac and Windows apps

Trello has figured out that there’s life beyond the confines of a browser, so has created desktop apps for MacOS and Windows.

The recently-Atlassian-acquired
outfit says it’s created the apps because users want them. Badly. Because Trello tends to get lost.

The announcement
of the app says “As you’re reading this post, the browser tab it’s on is sitting squarely between 10 others you have open simultaneously. A few of them are probably even Trello boards.”

“Instead of losing your Trello boards amidst the aforementioned browser tab sea, simply click through to Trello from your dock and transport yourself to the Trellotopia, a place where productivity is seamless and no tasks are ever dropped.”

Trellotopia? Yep, someone got paid to write that.


But we digress. Desktop Trello is not a terrible idea and does solve a problem: The Register
uses the service a bit but – sorry, boss – out here in the periphery it does
get lost among other tabs and we sometimes miss stuff that’s happening in Vulture Central. If a desktop apps fixes that, well and good. But the app had better not use as much RAM as Slack, or we’ll be needing new PCs!

Speaking of Slack, the Trello desktop app looks to have borrowed from it a little with its left-and nav bar listing all of a user’s Boards. The app also offers the chance to prioritise some boards to put them front and centre and there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to speed things up for users.

The app is available for Macs here
and the Microsoft Store should have a Windows version on Thursday US time. ®

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