Oracle Joins the Cool Cloud Crowd as a Member of This Google-Backed Foundation

科技动态 2017-09-14

Well, now it's a party! Oracle
has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation,
a group started two years ago
by Google
and several other companies and that now includes virtually every cloud computing vendor.

The foundation wants to make it easier for companies to adopt the latest techniques for running their software. One of its focal points is Kubernetes, a Google-backed technology that helps companies manage what are known as containers
that bundle software so it can run in a company's internal server rooms or in cloud data centers operated by third parties.

The CNCF also wants to promote the use of Prometheus tools that monitor the performance of containers once they are deployed.

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Oracle (orcl)
was late to cloud computing, but it has been pushing its own public cloud
for the past year as an alternative to the market leading Amazon
Web Services and number two player Microsoft
Azure. Oracle joins the CNCF at its highest Platinum level membership.

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Microsoft (msft)
joined the foundation
in July, followed by Amazon
last month. Both are also among the group's 17 Platinum members along with Joyent, Cisco
, and Dell Technologies


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