Man builds 20-foot tall AT-AT to scare away crows

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The 20-foot Star Wars replica features moving parts and plays the Star Wars theme

Ian Hackett/Facebook

A British man competing in a scarecrow competition has chosen to build one of the most frightening figures from a galaxy far, far away in his front yard: a Star Wars AT-AT.

Not quite full-size, the 20-foot tall Walker nevertheless comes with a moving head, light-up eyes, and plays the Star Wars theme.

Ian Mockett, 54, who works as a plumber in a Northampton village, says he has to keep one-upping himself every time having already created Hogwarts, Jurassic Park and the moon landing in previous years.

Mockett says he was inspired to build it by the construction of Disney Star Wars Land in Orlando and says it just needs a “bit of straw” to qualify as a scarecrow.

The scarecrow festival draws 10,000 visitors every year and funds raised are donated to local groups.

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