IPhone X leak hits Apple on day before launch of iPhone 8

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Apple has reportedly suffered a significant leak of information pertaining to the new iPhone 8 and other projects as access to iOS 11 GM is handed out.

Set to be unveiled tomorrow, the 10 th anniversary device will be available in the form of two new iPhone 8 handsets, while the leak has also confirmed an iPhone X device.

Two sites focussed on Apple news and developments, 9to5Mac and MacRumors were allegedly contacted from a source within Apple with a list of URLs that led to the secret information.

Integral feature and design changes have been unveiled early by the leak, including a significant resolution and aspect ratio enhancement.

Perhaps one of the most important factors for many potential users regards the home button, which will now be replaced by a virtual bar as part of a big user interface development, shifting away from an iconic iPhone component.

Details of wireless charging, facial recognition biometrics , and new front facing 3D sensors are also included in the list of prematurely exposed details from what some are considering the largest leak of Apple information.

So far Apple has not commented on the serious situation, with speculation mounting that a disgruntled colleague may has taken the action to expose access to the iOS 11 GM code.

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Recently Apple released the financial results of its third fiscal quarter, posting sturdy revenue of $45.4 billion, with the Apple stock gaining a 6% increase in the after-hours trading that followed the announcement. Growth may in fact have been stronger still had investors not been keeping their powder dry in anticipation of the upcoming launch.

This solid performance indicated an unhindered approach to launching the milestone iPhone, the details of which have now been spilled only hours before a launch event set to be held at the Apple headquarters.

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