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科技动态 2017-09-10

Apple is set
to announce its next iPhone
on Tuesday, and it's going to be an important milestone. This year marked the 10-year anniversary of Apple's smartphone, and rumors all point to a radical new model that packs an edge-to-edge screen, an all new design, and some nifty AR features. Those are all rumors, though. You can count on Tim Cook calling this the Best iPhone Ever Made, but don't take his word for it. Go back and watch all of the past iPhone events to see what's changed since 2007.

The Original, From 2007

Watch Jony Ive and Phil Schiller fight over whose flip phone Steve Jobs should call from Apple's first smartphone.

The iPhone 3G, From 2008

Alongside the launch of the iPhone 3G came the App Store, which brought you all your favorite apps like I Am T-Pain
, Crazy Mouth
, and I Am Rich

The iPhone 3GS, From 2009

Here, you can see the beginning of what would ultimately become Siri
, your lovable pal who probably still Can't Answer That.

The iPhone 4, From 2010

It would have been the most shocking iPhone release up to that point, had it not been for a young Apple software engineer getting too lit and leaving his iPhone 4 on a barstool. That iPhone 4 made its way to Gizmodo, who leaked the company's upcoming device
ahead of the announcement, shattering the buzz of the first glass-backed iPhone.

The iPhone 4S, From 2011

In Tim Cook's first iPhone announcement, Siri stole the show. Unfortunately, we still have a hard time getting Siri to do anything past set an alarm. Here's to a better Siri
this year.

The iPhone 5, From 2012

After years of sticking to a 3.5-inch screen, Apple changed it up by giving the iPhone 5 a 4-inch screen, plus snappy LTE speeds to download that new Angry Birds

The iPhone 5s, From 2013

Passcodes took a backseat in 2013 to make way for Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint-sensing technology that made it harder for prying eyes to see who's been sliding into your DMs.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, From 2014

They were bigger and faster than any other iPhone, and a little more bendy
just for yuks.

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, From 2015

This was mostly just a spec bump, but the cameras got better and 3D Touch
turned anything on the screen into a new type of button that added extra depth to iOS's interface.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, From 2016

By now you probably know that all the buzz around the iPhone 7 focused on the loss of the beloved headphone jack. But there were some other notable changes in last year's iPhone, like a water-resistant design, a capacitive home button, stereo speakers, and a makeover that hid those antenna lines.

The iPhone's Whole History in One Video

Get excited for Tuesday!


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