Pharo MOOC: Live Object Programming in Pharo

综合编程 2017-09-09

Pharo is also a very powerful open-source environment used by companies to develop web applications.

In this MOOC, we will present more specifically Pharo’s Web stack which changes the way you build web applications.

In addition we will present fundamental programming concepts and how Pharo uses them. We will present some coding idioms and Design Patterns to better design object-oriented applications. Such concepts can be applied to any object-oriented programming language.

This MOOC is intended for people with a programming experience but everyone motivated could follow the course thanks to the numerous resources proposed. This MOOC will also have an interest for computer programming teachers: Pharo is a good teaching tool for object-oriented programming and the course will discuss object-oriented design principles (e.g. polymorphism, message sending, self/super, design patterns).

Throughout this MOOC you will :

  • learn how to program in Pharo,
  • be immersed in a live environment and live a new programming experience,
  • develop a web application to apply the different aspects of Pharo presented in the course.

This MOOC will also provide a new vision of the fundamental principles of object-oriented programming, i.e. polymorphism and late binding.

This course lasts 7 weeks.

Each week is composed of several sequences containing a video lecture, quizzes and other videos proposing application exercises and programming demonstrations.

This course is proposed in french and in english. Videos are in french with french and english subtitles. Pdf course documents (in english only) will be available. All other materials (quizzes, explanation texts…) will be offered in both languages.


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