IE 11正式退休:还有这些“退休后”细节值得关注

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今天是 2022 年 6 月 15 日,也是 Internet Explorer 浏览器正式和我们说再见的日子。在停止对 IE 11的支持之后,微软强烈推荐使用基于 Chromium 的新版 Microsoft Edge,如果需要可以通过 IE Mode 来兼容访问某些网站。

IE 11正式退休:还有这些“退休后”细节值得关注

IE 11 是 Windows 8.1 系统的默认浏览器。虽然它从未达到 Chrome 的高度,但在 2014 年依然是第二大桌面浏览器,仅次于IE8。当然,从那时起,随着 2015 年微软 Edge 的出现,情况发生了很大的变化。

2015 年,Edge 成为 Windows 10 系统的默认浏览器,也就是我们熟悉的经典版 Edge,在 2020 年开始微软转向基于 Chromium 的新版 Edge,随后该浏览器进入了发展快车道。

说会 IE 11,在所有消费者 Windows 版本中该浏览器均已退休。不过用户依然可以通过以下方式进行访问

● Microsoft Edge 中的 IE Mode

● 包括 WebOC 在内的 Internet Explorer 平台(MSHTML/Trident)

● IE 11 桌面应用依然可以在以下平台运行

◎ Windows 8.1

◎ Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU)

◎ Windows 10 Server SAC (all versions)

◎ Windows 10 IoT Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) (all versions)

◎ Windows 10 Server LTSC (all versions)

◎ Windows 10 client LTSC (all versions)

这意味着所有其他 SKU 上安装的 Internet Explorer 11 将不再获得支持或安全更新。该浏览器也没有安装在 Windows 11 上。

IE 11正式退休:还有这些“退休后”细节值得关注

自然,微软建议所有用户都应该迁移到 Microsoft Edge。如果你依赖某些只能使用 IE 浏览器的传统网站和软件,微软还在 Edge 中加入了一个名为"IE模式"的功能,以解决这一用例。

值得注意的是,虽然 IExplore.exe 将保留在设备上,但微软将分两个阶段逐步停止使用。

● 第一阶段

第一阶段将遵循一个质量驱动的过程,将 IE 的使用自动重定向到 Microsoft Edge。微软强调,Windows Update 不会为这种重定向提供动力,所以避免安装更新只是为了绕过这个过程是徒劳的。微软还将提示你,"Internet Explorer 的未来是 Microsoft Edge"。整个过程可能需要几个月。

● 第二阶段

在第一个阶段结束后,第二个退休阶段立即启动。它将通过 Windows Update(一个可选的"C"更新和一个"B"累积更新)永久禁用所有受影响的 Windows SKU 上的 IE。

微软已经严格声明,Internet Explorer 11不应该被完全卸载,因为它为Edge的IE模式提供动力。也就是说,你应该知道,IE 模式也不是永远支持的。它对 Windows 各 SKU 的支持结束日期如下。

IE 11正式退休:还有这些“退休后”细节值得关注

对于企业来说,IE组策略将继续在IE模式下工作,但如果你面临任何问题,你可以联系App Assure团队。对于在IE模式下加载网站面临问题的组织,也建议采用同样的方法。


IE 11 is the default browser for Windows 8.1 systems. Although it never reached the height of Chrome, it was still the second largest desktop browser in 2014, after IE8. Of course, things have changed a lot since then, with the advent of Microsoft Edge in 2015.

Edge became the default browser for Windows 10 in 2015, known as the classic Edge, and Microsoft moved to a new Chromium-based Edge in 2020.

Say yes to IE 11, which has retired in all consumer Windows versions. However, users can still access it in the following ways

IE Mode in Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer platform (MSHTML/Trident) including WebOC

IE 11 desktop applications can still be run on the following platforms

& nbsp; Windows 8.1

& nbsp; Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU)

& nbsp; Windows 10 Server SAC (all versions)

& nbsp; Windows 10 IoT Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) (all versions)

& nbsp; Windows 10 Server LTSC (all versions)

& nbsp; Windows 10 client LTSC (all versions)

This means that Internet Explorer 11 installed on all other SKU will no longer receive support or security updates. The browser is also not installed on Windows 11.

Naturally, Microsoft recommends that all users migrate to Microsoft Edge. If you rely on traditional websites and software that can only use IE browsers, Microsoft has also added a feature called & quot;IE mode & quot; to Edge to solve this use case.

It is worth noting that although IExplore.exe will remain on the device, Microsoft will phase out its use in two phases.

The first stage

The first phase will follow a quality-driven process that automatically redirects the use of IE to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft stressed that Windows Update will not power this redirection, so it is futile to avoid installing updates just to bypass the process. Microsoft will also remind you that the future of & quot;Internet Explorer is Microsoft Edge”. The whole process could take months.

The second stage

After the end of the first phase, the second retirement phase starts immediately. It will permanently disable IE on all affected Windows SKU through Windows Update (an optional & quot;C” update and an & quot;B” cumulative update).

Microsoft has strictly stated that Internet Explorer 11 should not be completely uninstalled because it powers Edge’s IE model. In other words, you should know that the IE mode is not always supported. The end date of its support for each SKU of Windows is as follows.

For enterprises, the IE group policy will continue to work in IE mode, but if you face any problems, you can contact the App Assure team. The same approach is recommended for organizations that have problems loading Web sites in IE mode.

Finally, many websites, including Microsoft’s own and those owned by other companies, have been giving up support for IE11 over the past few months, so it’s best to move your workflow to other supported browsers as soon as possible.

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