Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书

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Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书

Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书







Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书


Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书

Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书


Kindle退出中国 教你下载买过的Kindle电子书



How to quickly download all the purchased Kindle e-books back? Here’s a way to share with you.

First, install the “Tampermonkey” extension using Edge or browsers that support extensions such as Chrome or Firefox. This can be found in the app stores of various browsers, such as Microsoft’s Edge Store, where you can directly install Tampermonkey for Edge browsers.

Tampermonkey official website:

Next, we need to install the following JS script.

Amazon China Kindle downloads everything:

The name of the script is very straightforward. I told you all the functions. Next, go to Amazon China’s official website, log in, and click “manage my content and devices”.

Next, you can see a button to “download everything on this page”. Make sure that the content selects the e-book, and the list shows all the e-book content, click this button, you can download the e-book in bulk!

You can see that the downloaded Kindle e-book is in azw3 format. We can save these Kindle e-books on the computer, and when we want to read them, we can use USB to send them to Kindle devices.

Unfortunately, this method does not download personal documents, mainly because Amazon’s web page itself does not provide a download link to personal documents. If you want to download the personal documents previously sent to Kindle, you can look through the mailbox you used to send the attachment and download the attachment back.

Generally speaking, it is really regrettable for Kindle to withdraw from the Chinese market, and the purchased books will not be able to download in the future, which has greatly undermined people’s confidence in the online e-book market. If you have ever bought books on Kindle, download them all as soon as possible, or you will never get another chance when Kindle shuts down the service.

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