Why You Should Only Use the Best YouTube Video and Music Downloader

Music is food for the soul. When driving to work, at home, or any available free time, everyone wants to have ear phones listening to their favorite music. Many streaming services have made this possible by maintaining a huge collection of songs and allowing users to sort by artists and even genre. One of the best music services for users to access and enjoy every type of music and video is YouTube.

Because of millions of people who visit YouTube every day, old and new artists want their songs to always be on the platform. Despite this large pool of songs and videos, users still have a lot of challenges such as lack of complete control. These challenges can only be addressed by getting the best YouTube music and video downloader.

Why do you need a music and video download app?

  • YouTube has absolute control over the music. This raises the risk of waking up and finding the favorite music pulled down by Google or owner.
  • To access music on YouTube, you must be online all the time. This translates to the progressive use of phone data and larger bills.
  • When traveling to areas with no or poor network connectivity, the quality of music from YouTube becomes very low.

How to pick the best YouTube video and music downloader

The main focus when picking the best YouTube music downloader is looking at your device. Many apps developers out there mainly work on apps that target specific operating systems. By understanding your devise’s OS, you can identify the app that matches well with it, and that comes with extra functionalities. For example, people using Android devices are encouraged to use Apps such asInsTube and 4Shared because they come with additional features.

However, picking the best music app to download YouTube videos will require you to go beyond understanding the device. Make sure to factor the following;

  • Good reports about the selected app from past users.
  • The commitment of the YouTube video app developer to supporting its clients.
  • The developer should have used the latest technologies to guarantee users of better UX.
  • The picked app should allow users to free download YouTube videos and not feature any hidden costs.

Unique benefits of using the best YouTube music downloader

Digital products users today are more enlightened. While the main target is to download YouTube videos free, an app that delivers extra value wins their affection. Therefore, picking the best apps in the market comes with these additional benefits.

Ability to download other types of files from YouTube

Though your main target is YouTube music, other media such as Podcasts, Interview, jokes, and funny clips will also be very enjoyable. Top YouTube apps such as InsTube allow users to download all types of media from YouTube for free.

Best apps help to make the phone more secure

While apps are building gaps in helping people access music and videos from YouTube easily, the level of insecurity has become a serious issue. If the app you selected has flaws in its design, cybercriminals can take advantage to penetrate and attack you. One of the latest strains of Ransomware called DataLust is threatening to open individual phone data and auction it in the black market unless users pay a ransom. You do not want to be the next victim. This is the reason you should be extra careful with the app you pick.

By picking the best app, you are sure of enjoying the phone and device protection because you must always be on the latest and safest operating system. This, coupled with regular app updates will guarantee extra safety and freedom from cybercriminals.

Capability to access and download videos from other platforms

It is no secret that if you love music, there are chances that the track might be on a different platform and not on YouTube. If you have the best app, it will allow you to download the target music and videos from other media.

Great features for accelerating and converting music

The music you listen directly on YouTube is in a very different format from what the smartphone can play directly from the drive. A good with a converter embedded in it allows users to pick the preferred output based on the player to be used.

Other important features in top YouTube and music downloader apps include enhanced download acceleration. The window to download the most preferred videos on YouTube is usually small. Often, during breaks at work and when visiting a public facility that has free Wi-Fi, you lack the luxury of time. A Good app to download YouTube videos free will help to accelerate the download so that even the longer videos can complete within minutes.

Top four YouTube download apps


InsTube remains the undisputed leader for free YouTube videos and music downloading. It was designed specifically for YouTube, and the designer continues to improve it for better performance. The core features of InsTube that make InsTube truly enthralling include Video Locker and Video Converter among others. It is also the most secure app for downloading music and videos from other platforms. All you need is downloading and installing InsTube to start enjoying its diverse benefits.


This app gives users access to a very large database of music. Notably, the app allows users to convert their tracks and even activate the offline mode. Besides, you can share the downloaded music with friends.

MP3 Music download

Like InsTube, MP3 music download is a free app for users to download music from multiple platforms including YouTube. It has won the reputation of being very fast and allowing users to convert their music. However, it features two key flaws; you can only download music, and it keeps flashing a lot of ads.


MixerBox has increasingly gained significant market share because of its ability to provide access to many platforms including YouTube and SoundCloud. In addition to allowing users download YouTube videos free, it also comes with other features for personalization and music video pop out.

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