Podcast – The teaming of founders and investors

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Recently, my friend Jeremie Bacon invited me on his podcast series, Journeys. Jeremie is a serial entrepreneur, including founding and leading one of the first SaaS solutions for the financial services industry, Backstop Solutions .

His latest venture, Synap , is based in Chicago and is focused on aggregating all customer engagements and communication on a single platform that ties seamlessly into your email and CRM. We are beta users… highly recommend.

In our time together on Jeremie’s show, we cover the following and more:

  • Founding team dynamics and characteristics of success
  • How finding the right investor is like getting married
  • My perspective on company valuation and its significance for the entrepreneur
  • The investors of the investors – investors’ obligation to our limited partners

If you’re interested in watching, here’s a link to the the video .


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