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移动互联 2017-04-07

If you’ve invested in AMP and are also getting ready to upgrade your mobile website to a next-generation Progressive Web App , I have good news for you: AMP and Progressive Web Apps can be combined and used together to create a fantastic user journey. And we have a new set of docs on to help with just that.

AMP makes for an ideal entry point into your site due to the almost-instant prerendered load, and the component allows you to warm up and preload a Progressive Web App while your users are reading an AMP page. Users clicking on links to your origin will now instantly upgrade to the full-featured Progressive Web App. This means you can start fast with AMP and stay fast with your Progressive Web App experience.

In addition, you can now reuse the entire content library you already have in the form of AMP pages and use them as a centerpiece in your Progressive Web App, saving engineering resources and complexity.

To learn more about how to combine AMP and Progressive Web Apps, head to one of the following resources:

  1. Our brand new set of docs discussing AMP and Progressive Web Apps , deep diving into how to enable Progressive Web App features for your AMP pages , how to preload your Progressive Web App from your AMP Pages and embed & use AMP as a data source
  2. The primer released in Smashing Mag
  3. The conference talk by Alex Russell from the AMP Conf 2017

Get in touch via our developer support channels if you have questions or feedback. We can’t wait to see what you will build!

Posted by Paul Bakaus, Developer Advocate, AMP Project

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