Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit recap

综合编程 2016-04-04

In just two words, it has been IN-TENSE !

Flights have been like nightmares because cancelations, connections lost, rebooks, etc. We have spent almost the same time travelling than in the summit itself. But despite that, summit time has been a huge opportunity to share our expertise about Open Development Analytics with the people involved in Open Source and Inner Sourcing development management in many projects and companies.

On Tuesday after a set of interesting meetings, we have a presentation about Open Development Analytics , and how it highlights interesting aspects of an Open Source (and even Inner Sourcing ) project, tracks relevant patterns, and assists in the early identification of problems.

Open Development Analyticscan be used to study fairness and neutrality, efficiency, control, dependability, and other important aspects of a project. Providing the results of those analytics allows for a new level of transparency and self-awareness of the community .

As a collateral fun fact, we have the chance to meet David A. Wheeler in person, whose “Estimating Linux size” paper (~16 years ago) was the seed for Bitergia’s founders research work, so, for us as a company.

But one of the most intense days has been on Wednesday, where we did a preview of current GrimoireLab capabilities. We’re bulding it from scratch, from the lessons learned after more than 10 years of experience with Metrics Grimoire and after its announcement in FOSDEM’16 it was time for an update.

It currently supports several data sources through Perceval , and has allowed us to build a new user experience for software development analytics thanks to integrating modern technologies like ElasticSearch and Kibana. Some available PoC examples are:

Thursday was a recap day, meeting one by one with people interested on setting up GrimoireLab by themselves or hire us for it. We will be probably allowed to disclose more about these meeting during following months, but it seems that there will be interesting work ahead.

But our little owl never stops, and we will be participating in some international meetings during April, so feel free tocontact us if you are close:

  • InnerSource Commons Summit in London, on Apr 21 st -22 nd . We will be sharing our experience in the field, and specially how Software Development Analytics could be useful for organizations adopting this strategy to manage it through metrics and KPI .
  • OpenStack Summit in Austin, from 25 th to 29 th of Apr . Our colleague Daniel Izquierdo will be showing a complete OpenStack activity gender analysis , that could be easily replicated to other communities if you are interested in sponsoring it.

And last, but no least, we are getting everything ready for OSCON in May, where we will be exhibiting and presenting a complete version of GrimoireLab architecture, ready for deployment in production (don’t hesitate to visit our booth there and test it by yourself! ) and Xen Code Review process analysis as one of GrimoireLab usecases.

The weekend just before OSCON, we will have another FLOSS Community Metrics meeting ( registration is FREE) togehter with Community Leadership Summit and on Monday 16 th there will be the Grimoire Analytics Workshop (venue and registration is being set up, stay tuned).

Note: There are some photos from our trip to Lake Tahoe .

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