Turning metrics and insights into relevant information not only for community managers

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Bitergia gathers data from almost the entirety of the set of tools associated with collaborative software development, providing useful information, metrics and insights for different profiles.

It seems that the first person that needs this kind of information is the community manager. But, there are other profiles that can get advantage of tracking projects and understanding the details to answer specific questions.

Which are other profiles that could be interested in metrics , and the information they can get from that data?

  • As mentioned, community managers is one of the first profiles that need to add data from multiple sources in one dashboard to assess the health of the development community that manages. Some of the data and information they require is related with community activity and size overview, community demography (retention rate, newcomers), gamification, contributors profiling , etc.

Community posting issues, map and activity status, as seen in cauldron.io

  • Project managers, engineering teams, and development teams : To know the status of the development of your team or teams saves time and costs, by providing information such as coding activity, issues, code review and pull requests backlogs and performance, bottlenecks identification, issues solving efficiency , etc. Identify issues and having a detailed insight on the performance and inner life of the analyzed project are going to help to solve problems effectively.

Last 2 years Gerrit backlog, from one of our WiP projects

  • In a competitive world like today, talent acquisition for companies is very important. Developers metrics can help Human Resources managers, recruitment teams & talent managers to identify the right person for a particular position, and to keep persons at the company. To study contributors competencies, developers contributions review metrics, activity by company, activity from outside the company, projects contributions , etc. are just some of the relevant insights we can provide in our reports.
  • Business and Marketing managers also have the opportunity to leverage data communication development and positioning of the company in the market. Project maturity level analysis , community health, companies benchmarking , company positioning , etc,reports are a good tool to provide detailed independent information.

Organizations contributions for last 5 years in Eclipse Foundation projects

But not only inside company information, other areas interested in Software Development Analytics are project consultants and business analysts working on:

  • Project and/or companies transparency analysis
  • Due diligence reports, understanding activity and its value
  • Auditing , certifying participation, experience, etc.
  • Project neutrality , fair treatment between coopetitors

Do you use these kind of metrics and for what purpose?

If you want to discover the power of metrics , you can try Cauldron.io for free using the invitation code OSCON16 still valid:wink:


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